Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Jessica's aka Da Momma was today. The morning was spent in Colorado Springs with Gene since they were there for his gig at SODO the night before. The drive back home was nice and they had some quality husband and wife time. Lunch was...Taco Bell, really. That's what she wanted and that's what she got. Yum.

We picked up the kiddos from the Hornaday's house and then went straight home to relax. It was close to eight o'clock when we decided to get up and get some dinner. The location was a secret to all except dad and nobody had a clue. We ended up at Micky's Top Sirloin, a locally owned mom and pop steakhouse that has been there for almost forty five years. The meal was great and Da Momma had her juicy T-Bone steak.

Happy Birthday!

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