Monday, September 28, 2009

Tayler's Lullaby

Tay has been taking piano lessons for the past two and half months. His lessons are only 30 minutes each, once a week. Then, every night he practices his scales or the new song from his teacher for an hour. There are several times where Tay would just play on the piano and do whatever he wants and calls it his 'free time'.

One day he said, "I have this sound in my head." After realizing that it wasn't a medical issue but a music thing, we told him to play it on the piano. He did and then took out a sheet of notebook paper and started writing notes on the lines. It was amusing to look at because the notes were so big and timing not set that only he could understand it. When he got a few bars done he played it for us we were very impressed with his uptempo song called, "The Fun Song". We told him to slow it down and make it a lullaby. He did and then finished the song.

This is Tayler's Lullaby:

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