Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lose One, Win One

Woke up and grabbed breakfast at McDonald's. The first game was at 10am at a court 45 minutes away, so we had to get going. During the entire game they gave Peter only 15 minutes of play. There were times where he went in for a minute and they took him out again. We saw no reason for him to be sitting out so much even after we drove 26 hours to get here! After that game we left with the intention of packing our bags and just going home. But, Peter wanted to play and didn't want to ditch his teammates, so we headed back.

When we arrived at the court before the second game the coach pulled us to the corner. He realized that we were upset and he explained that there was no reason for our son to sit out so much. He continued by saying that it was a coaching error of not keeping tab of who was subbing in and out. We accepted his apology and Peter did play more during the second game sinking eight baskets for the team.

We lost one of those games so we still have a chance. The games tomorrow are single elimination, so if we lose, we're done.

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