Monday, August 3, 2009

Ventura, CA (Day 1)

While Peter was at camp, the remaining Jone family members stayed at a beach side hotel in Ventura. Tayler still had his waterproof (yes, waterproof) cast on but it isn't beach proof because of sand and salt water critters. It was a cold day so no pool either. So we started the day off with breakfast sandwiches and coffee at Starbucks. Next, we drove to the nearby outlet mall and did some shopping. Wait, a lot of shopping. Then it was back to the hotel to rest a bit.

We got hungry and began our search for a fun place to eat dinner. After an hour of hunting, we settled on a little sushi place a few blocks away. J had her oysters and she said it was the best she ever had in her whole entire life. Gene and Tay chowed down on some sushi...a lot of sushi. Tay loved it so much that he just shoved whole pieces in his little mouth. At the end of the meal we were so full that we just ended up going back to the hotel to hibernate as food coma settled in.

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